Balbriggan CC Maths Eyes

As part of the nationwide Maths Eyes Initiative Home School Community Liaison and JCSP in Balbriggan Community college have devised a Maths Eyes Workbook. We are hoping in this coming week to promote the usefulness of mathematics by making a link between education and the “real world”. The Maths Eyes concept is based on the idea that mathematics is not just a subject studied in school. We are surrounded by maths in our everyday lives, in home and the community.
We have printed up a Maths Eyes booklet for every 1st Year student with examples of everyday maths examples found on the streets of Balbriggan and surrounding areas.  We hope to get as many parents/guardians involved and there will be prizes for the best Maths Eyes examples. THE DEADLINE FOR THE COMPETITION IS WEDNESDAY 21ST OF OCTOBER 2020. NO E-MAILS WILL BE EXCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.

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