‘Behaviour for Learning’ (BFL) Programme

Aims and objectives:

The BFL teacher in conjunction with the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) Support Service aims to support and promote positive behaviour and academic learning in school, specifically among Junior Cycle students. We aim to: 

Improve retention and attendance

Reduce the number of exclusions/discipline cards

Improve and promote positive behaviour at whole-school level

Offer individual and small group support to students who have difficulty managing their behaviour

Create individualised student behaviour plans to ensure that students’ behavioural and emotional needs are met

Liaise with school management, Student Support Team, Guidance Councillors, SEN Teachers and parents to ensure those students’ needs are met


The BFL programme teacher works with identified students, individually or in small groups, on BFL programmes that are designed to meet their social, emotional, behavioural and academic needs, so they can achieve and succeed in school. It also works on a whole- school basis- promoting positive behaviour 

BFL Programme Teacher: