Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice is a values-based philosophy. It aims to build positive relationships and friendships throughout a community and beyond. It also helps to respond to conflict and arguments, if they do occur, in a healthy way that moves us away from blame and attack, and towards connection and healing! The RESPECT values are a compass to bring RP to life and they inform how we try to think, engage, speak, listen, and approach situations in our everyday interactions. The intention is to learn how to ask, listen and share in a way that honours relationships and cultivates a positive learning environment for the whole school community. The Values Light the way nurturing a collaborative and equitable learning environment. This restorative way of being builds skills for a healthy learning environment and also happy and connected life. Restorative Practice aims to support the wellbeing of schools and the lovely community they serve. We are committed to being a restorative school.