BCC International School of Distinction Award 2021 CFES / TCD

August 2021

Balbriggan Community College has learned this week that we are now the proud recipient of International School of Distinction for the fifth year running.

This follows the award was presented for the forth time at a recent conference held in Oxford University College, hosted by Trinity College Dublin and CFES/US. The award was presented by Dr.Rick Dalton, (President and CEO CFES Brilliant Pathways) and Dr. Cliona Hannon, (Director TA21), in recognition of the school commitment to supporting students in accessing CFES Brilliant Pathways. Our school is one of the 28 schools across the US and Ireland to receive this award. We have been supported by Trinity College Dublin Access team. TA21/CFES programme targets 100% of student cohort in raising expectations and creating future visions, using a whole school guidance model.

During the conference, BCC staff and students shared their TA21/CFES experiences with the cohort of educationalists.

Congratulations to the staff, students, alumni, parents and whole school community who work hard to make this a true whole school award. A big thank you to the TA21/CFES team for their support and continual engagement with our school over the years.

International School of Distinction – Balbriggan Community College

20210-2021 ** Awarded August 2021

2019-2020 – COVID interrupted year





A brief outline of TA21/CFES in our school includes the following:

CFES School team plan and roll out a series of pillars to engage the whole school community. TA21/CFES focuses on implementation by supporting a range of student experience to include engagement with Mentoring, Pathways to college, Leadership in Learning. Fundamental to our work is focus on the health and well being of our students.

Much of this work is reflected in our school website. TA21 also provide CPD for our staff, helping us to prepare our students for the 21stCentury Teaching and Learning environment.