Career Guidance and Counselling


Guidance helps you with your career:
  • Get to know your strengths
  • Clarify your areas of interest
  • Learn how to plan the next stage in your life
  • Learn how to cope with interviews and tests
  • Learn about CVs, letters and forms
  • Learn how to find and keep a job
  • Find and understand information about courses
  • Understand how school can help you
  • Learn how to study more effectively
  • Improve your examination techniques
  • Get information about subject choice
  • Learn about exams and qualifications
Guidance helps you with learning:
Guidance helps you with your own life:
  • Learn about your own psychology
  • Learn about relationships
  • Understand your feelings and moods
  • Learn how to make important decisions
  • Learn how to make plans


  • Counselling gives you a chance to talk to someone in private
  • The counsellor will do everything possible to listen to you
  • The counsellor will try very hard to understand you
  • The counsellor will not criticize you, punish or laugh at you
  • The counsellor will not tell you what to do
  • The counsellor will help you clarify your own thoughts
  • The  counsellor will help you make your own decisions
Counselling offers you personal help on a wide range of issues:
Counselling is confidential:

When you talk to your Guidance Counsellor in the counselling office, everything you say will be treated with full confidentiality. That means your story, will not be told to anyone (unless you reveal a situation of danger or where the law requires the counsellor to inform others).

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You can contact Ms. Healy, Ms. Moloney or Ms. Memery directly or ask your Year Head, Tutor or senior prefect.