Home School Community Liaison

The Home School Community Liaison Scheme (HSCL) has been running in Balbriggan Community College  since 2009.

The HSCL scheme recognises the parent/ guardian’s role as the primary educators in their child’s life.

The co-ordinator will work with parents to develop their capacity as a key resource in their children’s learning.

The HSCL Co-ordinator is required to link with and work with the key players in the local community, so that they can add value to what is done in the school, in relation to attendance, participation and retention.

Home visitation is a large part of the role. During these visits the co-ordinator offers school supports and works in a supportive and purposeful way with parents.

Educational courses/ talks and recreational opportunities are provided for parents throughout the year.

It is the aim of the HSCL scheme that parents and guardians would be more involved in their local school and more involved in their child’s education

The HSCL Co-ordinator is an agent of change, not only for individuals and families but also for schools and the wider educational system.

David Conroy

Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinator

Initiatives 2014-2015

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Mr Mc Mahon, Parents & Students from the class of Blasket

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