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Welcome from Head Boys & Head Girls

On behalf of the students here at BCC, I would like to welcome you to our school. 

Although the thought of joining secondary school can be quite daunting, I want to reassure you that there isn’t anything to worry about. I’m sure you will adapt to school life very quickly and will make some fantastic, new friends along the way.  

Each year, BCC is improving and innovating to make sure we, as students, have everything we need to reach our full potential. If you ever have any issues or worries, there is always someone to reach out to for guidance or advice – the entire school community is very supportive.  

You only get one opportunity to experience secondary school so make sure you work hard, express yourself and set yourself up for a fantastic future where I have no doubt you will achieve your goals.





My name is Logan Casey I was chosen to be one of the School Captains for Balbriggan Community College 2022/2023. I am extremely honoured to be chosen to do this and I am happy that the teachers and staff have put enough faith and belief in me to carry out this important role in the school.

I hope to be a portal between student and teacher so that they can better understand each others wants and needs. I hope to keep our school a happy and positive place as well as hoping to be memorable Head Boy during my time in this role. I also hope to hold a positive impact on teachers and students alike and to be a voice for all.

I also want to congratulate my fellow captains and I look forward to working with all of you and can’t wait to get down to business,

Logan Casey.

Hi everyone!

My name is Ellé Brady and I am thrilled to be one of this years Head Girls in Balbriggan Community College for 2022/2023. This is an amazing opportunity and I feel very honoured to have been given this role, being able to represent Balbriggan Community College is something I will take great pride in within the school and outside the school.

In my opinion, being a captain is an important role due to it being a gateway for a voice for the students to the teachers and vice versa. I hope to continue to work alongside other school committees in BCC to carry on the positive school atmosphere and a voice for students.

My main goal over the course of this year is to continue to increase and encourage student participation in all areas of our school, I believe all students in BCC strive to achieve goals and set high aspirations, in which I believe containing a positive atmosphere will help all students gain those goals. I hope to also encourage more students this year to participate in school committees and also extracurricular activities. BCC always makes sure, us as students, have everything we need to reach our full potential and have all the resources they can provided to give us the best education and also help us achieve our goals. Many opportunities are available to us as students to develop our skills, not only academically but in other areas as well. I find all students new and old, should stride to take part in school activities and committees to push themselves closer to their goals and to gain experience, as I only moved to BCC last year and I’m so grateful to have this opportunity a year later, I would also like to congratulate my fellow school captains and all of the prefects in 5th and 6th, I look forward to working with you all.

Best of wishes,

Ellé Brady.


Hello Everyone,
My name is Erin Miller, and I will be one of your Head Girls for 2022/23. I am so proud an honoured to have been given this amazing opportunity by Balbriggan Community College and I am looking forward to a new school year. I am excited to be working with new and familiar faces once again and cannot wait to get started! I take great pride in being chosen for this role and I hope to not disappoint. 
I am excited and looking forward to this school year and working with students and teachers alike. With a lot of activities within the school being reinstated due to the pandemic easing off, I feel that this school year will be prosperous, exciting and inclusive to all with many extracurricular activities running again. Positivity is key, as well as respect and inclusivity to all and I hope to help spread this message this year and help make this school an even better place than it already is.
My main goals for this year are to encourage participation in the school’s clubs, such as Chess and Lunch club, extra curricular activities like rock climbing and basketball to the green schools committee and student council to help make positive changes in our school environment and learning grounds. I encourage everyone to try everything they can and to be as involved as possible. 
I would like to thank my fellow captains and prefects and I look forward to working with you over the course of this school year.
Erin Miller.