Student Council

The student council is a representative structure for students through which they can become involved in school affairs and become leaders in the school community. It works alongside management, staff and parents to benefit the whole school community.

The student council:

  • Is a vehicle for student participation
  • Creates a positive school environment
  • Develops leadership and communication skills amongst the student cohort

The student council enables students to:

  • Listen to what students have to say
  • Represent the student voice and their opinions
  • Raise issues of concern to students
  • Informs the school about issues being discussed alongside action being taken and events that are planned
  • Organise fundraisers
  • Suggest ideas to improve the school environment
  • Improve relationship between students and teachers

Student Council 2022 – 23

1st Year

1st year
Jamie Byrne (Barrow)
Kyle Brady (Barrow)

2nd Year

2nd year
Gugu Moyo (Iona)
Jake Elis (Tory)

3rd Year

3rd year
Jasmine Hughes (Cork)
Gabriel K Khan (Louth)
Kingsley (Wexford)


5th Year

5th year
Danielle Okafor (Allen)
Luke Foran (Neagh)

6th Year

6th year
Tommilina Irehovbude(Copper)
Hawal Adeyemo (Copper)
Logan Casey (Ash)
Erin Miller (Ash)
Elle Brady (Ash)
Kristen Don (Ash)