Balbriggan CC Wellbeing Week

The beginning of March saw Wellbeing week kick off in BCC!

To start the week off our 1st years got the opportunity to try out a new sport – Ultimate Frisbee. This was something new to most students and they enjoyed learning all about the rules of a new, fun sport. All 1st years had a taster for frisbee throughout the week. 

Some 5th year students got to experience a relaxing session of ‘Sound bath’, this uses sounds to relax the mind and the body. All looked very zen afterwards!

3rd and 6th year students got to try out a Pound Fitness class during their PE time. This is a type of dance fitness class that is also proven to release stress and anxiety. All had great fun at this!

On Tuesday afternoon our senior students had the opportunity to attend a fitness and nutrition seminar with Ger Robinson. This was a very informative session that was led by the students questions themselves. Some interesting and topical questions were answered for our gym bunnies! 

On Wednesday we had our annual wellbeing morning walk followed by breakfast. We were also joined by some four legged friends belonging to our staff for the walk and school day. This was a great way to start the day and clear the head. 

We also gave away random prizes to anyone who had a star under their chair! This random act of kindness was received well by students as they received a delicious an easter egg!

Lots more went on in Balbriggan CC during wellbeing week, these were just some of the highlights!