Calculated Grades Student Portal

Department of Education and Skills can now confirm that the service will open at 10AM on Tuesday 26 May and will close at 10 PM on Thursday 28 May

During this time, Leaving Certificate Students must register and also confirm their final entry level for each subject in which they are entered.

Students following the Leaving Certificate Applied programme are required to register.

The timeframe for accessing the portal at this stage is quite tight but the sooner that this stage of the process is complete the sooner the Calculated Grades Executive Office can provide schools with confirmation of final subject levels for their students so that schools can complete the in-school phase of the calculated grades model.

To complete the registration process, students will need;

  1. Your Leaving Certificate examination number
  2. Your Personal Public Service (PPS) number (which they need to create a Personal Identification Number) 
  3. An email address, to which you have regular access over the coming months
  4. And your mobile telephone number.


Please contact for school support.

Before You Start Guide for Students is also provided above. 

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