The Irish Times School League Table places Balbriggan Community College top of the class in North County Dublin.

‘The Irish Times’ Feeder Schools’ report published Thursday 27th of November listed Balbriggan Community College as one of the most improved schools in the country for providing a platform for Third Level Education. Balbriggan Community College was also listed as the top feeder school in North County Dublin for third level. It was the fifth highest most improved nationally, with 86% of its Leaving Cert students from 2014 progressing to third level education.The results, when compared to a national table, were of no surprise to the school.  The breakdown of results for the class of 2014 had been noted previously, with one third of all students who sat the Leaving Certificate in 2014 achieving 400 points or more in the exam.Ironically, the news broke in the midst of the celebration of College Awareness Week, an event which is placed firmly in the school’s calendar. This academic school year has seen Balbriggan C.C. being selected and privileged to take part in a global initiative (College for Every Student) in collaboration with Trinity College and Google. This initiative involves targeting the current 2nd years, in raising students’ aspirations to continue to third level education. This is an occasion for students to reflect on school as the progression not only from year to year, but onto third level education. It allows students to think and firmly set their goals in place for life beyond secondary level.The success the school is achieving is a result of the dedication, hard work, commitment, passion and enthusiasm that is shared by all the staff and students. The staff’s level of dedication is second to none. Staff are young, creative and innovative. Upskilling and CPD is a chief component of the schools focus. This ensures teaching and learning skills are constantly and consistently relevant to meets the needs of learners of the 21st century. Currently 9 members of staff are involved with Trinity College’s  ‘21st Century Teaching and Learning’ initiative, with a further 6 teachers involved in a NUIM project, all which occurs outside of school hours.Balbriggan C.C. not only achieves high academic standards but is dedicated in striving to develop and enable each student to reach their potential. This can be often challenging due to the barriers that are poised within the Education system and without from extraneous factors such as socio economic backgrounds. The school is part of a Deisprogramme (Delivering Equality of opportunity in schools) and has a representation of 39 different cultures. The ethos of the community school is fully embraced. A fully inclusive environment is created, where genuine warmth is felt. Learning is created in a caring environment where mutual respect is key. The school caters for all level of abilities by offering the traditional Junior and Leaving Certificate Programmes, Junior Certificate Schools Programme (JSCP), Leaving Certificate applied (LCA). The school has also created their own unique Advanced Learners Programme which challenges the higher ability students in the Junior Cycle. It offers modules such as nanotechnology, photography, and historical studies.