Multicultural Day

Friday April 11th was not only the beginning of Easter holidays but a day of celebration and recognition of the diverse nationalities and cultures that are present in the school. Presently Balbriggan Community College is proudly comprised of 40 different nationalities from all corners of the world. Some of these nationalities encompass China to Ukraine, Cuba to Zimbabwe. The students and staff alike celebrated the day by sampling traditional cuisine from an array of different countries. Students dressed up in their national costume and brought in symbols to represent their culture. Staff and students were left fascinated after hearing facts, figures and tales about different countries. The day didn’t stop there, students wowed their audience with a wide variety of performances from dancing, beatboxing, singing, rapping which again displayed the wealth of talent that is abundant within the school. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day with a great sense of pride and place. Everybody left in high spirits and more informed about the diverse world that surrounds us, after all the world is one big global village!