Protection and conservation action for Roseate Terns on Rockabill Island needs your vote!

BirdWatch Ireland’s Roseate Tern conservation project on Rockabill Island, off the coast of north Co. Dublin, has been shortlisted as a finalist in this year’s Natura 2000 Awards.

Their conservation actions have resulted in a remarkable increase in both Roseate and Common Tern populations on Rockabill. At the start of the initiative in 1989 the island was supporting just 152 pairs of roseate terns and 108 pairs of common terns. By 2017, this has increased exponentially to 1597 pairs of Roseate Terns and 2085 pairs of Common Terns.

Over the years students from our school have played a big part in the conservation project making nesting boxes for the birds.  The project has been enormous success and the contribution of the nest boxes to the scheme has been hugely significant.

The public vote to select the winner of the European Citizen’s Award is now open. Vote now to select your favourite finalist! Voting will close on 22nd April 2018.


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