Return to School update September 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian

Planning is well under way for the new school year and we are looking forward to our students returning to the classroom in September.  Due to the restrictions of Covid19, the school will have to adapt and operate in a different way. We will be introducing these procedures to all year groups with goal of reducing the risks associated with transmission of the virus. The Department of Education has released guidelines for schools for the safe return of students and we will be using these guidelines as the bases for our procedures. These will include students being allocated base classrooms and year group zones, limiting movement and interaction of year groups. Our classrooms have been adapted and social distancing measure have been introduced. The Department has updated its advice as recently as Friday 7th August on the necessity of masks where social distancing is not possible. Further clarifications will be issued in the following weeks. We have put together a schedule of changes in the movement of students and this will be implemented over the first term to gradually allow students to access practical rooms where necessary etc. It will take several weeks to reintroduce students to their new school life and ensure that their wellbeing is looked after. More specific details for each year group will be emailed to parents closer to their restart date. 
The following are important changes in our planning for the new school year:

  • we are moving to 1 hr classes from September, this will mean that students will attend for 6 periods a day
  • Student lockers will not be in use for the month of September and reviewed at that time.
  • students will have assigned seats in all classrooms which they must use. Movement between classrooms will be restricted to year group zones and cleaning procedures as laid out by the Dept. of Education will be followed.
  • Students will continue to wear their uniforms and it is very important that they are cleaned regularly.
  • Students will be required to wear facemasks at times when the required social distancing cannot be maintained ( further clarification awaiting from Dept. of Education)
  • School book scheme will operate as normal.
  • School canteen will not be in use for September. We are looking at alternatives to provide lunches to students where required.
  • School transport will operate by Dept of Education with face masks and social distancing.
  • Students who have any symptoms of Covid19 should not attend school and report to their GP. If any symptoms occur in school, they will need to be collected immediately and report to their GP. 
  • Parents are asked not to report to the school without first contacting the school office. Visitors will only be allowed access to the school in exceptional circumstances or by invite during the first term. Items will not be allowed to be left at the school office. Contact with the school may be made by emailing 

There will be slight alterations to the Calendar as follows:
Monday 31st August 2020 – 1st years only 10-12. This will be a wellbeing morning and introduction to school. Due to the scheduling of Confirmations, all students may not be able to attend. School protocols will be explained on the Tuesday morning.

Tuesday 1st September 2020 – 1st years only in the morning                                                                                 – 6th years only in the afternoon

Wednesday 2nd September 2020 – 2nd years only in the morning                                                             – 5th years only in the afternoon

Thursday 3rd September 2020 – 3rd years only in the morning                                                       – TY only in the afternoon                               

Friday 4th September 2020  – All year groups return

There will be further advise and clarifications on the new measures and protocols and you will be updated as these happen. We are very conscious that this will be a difficult transition for your son/daughter and some of our students have additional need that we will need to support. We appreciate your support with these measures