TY Photography Update

TY students have been studying a diverse range of subjects in BCC this year. The photography course is run in conjunction with media studies. Both TY classes are studying photography and media studies for this academic year.

The students have been using their compact cameras and also learning to use manual settings on a DSLR.

Homework (on the assigned topic) is submitted each week by email to their teacher, Ms. McGrath. There is a homework review session each week and students are able to review their peers work.

The topics covered so far include:

  1. History of Photography
  2. The Hockney Effect
  3. Composition
  4. Rule of thirds/leading lines
  5. ISO
  6. Different camera angles
  7. White balance
  8. Emotion in photography
  9. Shutter speed
  10. Aperture
  11. Macro
  12. Panning
  13. Group Photo
  14. Perspective


Here are some of the great images submitted by TY students so far this year:

Camera Angles by Yinka Adelodun

unique image


Rule of Thirds by Hoi Ying Wong



Something you don’t know about me…I love singing and Justin Bieber by Sarah Kendellen



Panning by James McCoy



Aperture by Mateuz Kubiak



Shutter Speed by Grainne Hughes







Perpsective by Meghan Fogarthy