January 10, 2018


Our 3rd and 6th year students received a 3 hour study skills session from the Examcraft group yesterday. Each of the students received a study journal which provides them with an organisation system, study methodologies and memory techniques which will make study easier for them. Our mock examinations commence on Monday 22nd January so this...
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A big thank you to Ms. Walshe’s 1st year tutor group for organising our annual St. Vincent de Paul food appeal  helping families in our community. Also to all students who helped make the hampers!  
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Thanks to Adrienne McCleery from Breast Cancer Ireland for delivering the Schools Awareness Programme to our female TY students, senior students and staff. Statistically if younger women become more breast aware, they are more likely to recognise any abnormalities, should they arise, will be seen to immediately and then the outcome will be more positive....
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