Advanced Learning Programme

Balbriggan Community College has developed and initiated a new course for a select group of students who have shown exceptional academic ability in the Junior Cycle syllabus.

The Advanced Learning Programme is an academic based course that runs throughout the school year.



The objective of the Advanced Learning Programme is to cater for high achieving students through a stimulating, challenging and rewarding educational experience they may not consistently encounter on the Junior Certificate Syllabus.  The ALP is for students who have enquiring minds, are academically motivated and who are interested in expanding their potential for learning on all fronts in the school environment.

The programme is an advancement of, and a supplement to, the current Junior Cert programme.  Although modules may be subject specific, the ALP is not a curricular based programme; it will nonetheless, supplement and encourage learning in given subject fields.  The ALP is not an intense tuition course nor is it a revision course, however it will be a precursor for students acquiring the skills and methods of learning required for the Leaving Certificate Programme.



Through a number of wide ranging modules the ALP will create a sound foundation for the students to grow and develop their critical thinking skills, analytical skills and their means of synthesising information into integrated learning techniques.


Current Modules:

  • Computer Programming.
  • F1 Car Design and Manufacturing.
  • Local History.                                                                   
  • Local Geography.
  • Critical Theory and Text Analysis.                                
  • Business.
  • Advanced Science.                                                            
  • Film Studies.
  • Applied Maths.                                                              
  • Writing Workshop.
  • Technology Club.                                                           
  • Public Speaking