Drama at BCC falls under the heading definite discovery learning involved here! We preform everything from comedy sketch shows and home written plays to the big one like Sean O’Casey’s “Juno and the Paycock” while also hitting the well-loved musicals like “Mamma Mia” and “Grease”(coming in early 2017 watch this space) we even find time for the odd musical.

Our ethos is ‘Jump in the deep end and sink or swim’. This all sounds pretty brutal but is accurate and amazingly enough… the students love the experience.
A public performance will bring out the very best in every student. ‘THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!’….and it always does …. Students learn by doing….again and again and again …until the scene is right and worthy of opening night. There is ‘No such thing as a small part…only small actors’. Students realize very quickly that the scene is only as good or great as its weakest link. Ensemble acting, brainstorming ideas for scripting and movement, building and painting sets are only some of the many team building activities involved. Students depend on each other… Doesn’t matter how brilliant the acting in scene one is if the lad in charge of pulling the curtain, or the lighting team fail to do their jobs. This type of interaction brings about a great closeness in any group presenting a show…. Meeting socially years later, they will still be quoting lines to each other across the pub!! Good times….Good memories.