Basketball has always been very popular at Balbriggan Community College and is finally making a long awaited return with the opening of our new full size state of the at court facility. Over the last ten years there has been great success in games and enthusiastic participation at training sessions. The players of each team of each year show brilliant team effort and each individual player has their own skill that makes them a good team player, whether it is great leadership, fitness, or purely the love for the game. A few teachers in this school also have great experience coaching some even to national camp level with basketball Ireland, and  they train their teams as hard as they can, even if it means breaking their voices as they shout so loudly at the players  to get into the “Zone” or under those “REBOUNDS REBOUNDS REBOUNDS!!”.

In terms of school games, there has been great success since the sport made a major come back in the mid noughties and since then there has been many final and semi-final qualifiers that didn’t quite bring home the silver but for a school who up to recently had no local club teams around to help develop the players we are extremely proud of the student sand who know maybe next year is the year. Both Past Pupils and Senior students are given the opportunity to coach basketball to the juniors and it that that make the sport at BCC such a success the basketball teams are all one big (and in basketball tall) family.

BCC Senior Basketball Win